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This repository contains the code and content of my personal website: This incarnation of the site is built with Acrylamid and Compass.


The project consists of two parts: on the one hand we have the HTML and XML which are generated by Acrylamid and on the other hand there is the CSS which is handled by Compass.


To get it up and running, do the following:

$ mkvirtualenv
$ git clone
$ cd
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ acrylamid compile
$ acrylamid view

Now you can surf to http://localhost:8000 to view the site.

Note that this assumes you have virtualenvwrapper installed. If you don't, your best options are to:

  • install it now, or
  • use virtualenv directly (and don't forget to activate the new virtualenv after you create it).


To generate the CSS, you need to install Compass (and Sass) first. Then you need to compile the Sass code to CSS.

To accomplish this, you need to install Compass and Sass. A nice way to do this is by using virtualenvwrapper.gem. Once this is installed you can use gem install and the Gems will be installed in your virtualenv library directory.

$ gem install sass --version="3.4.7"
$ gem install compass --version="1.0.1"

(Note that these are the minimal versions this site needs at the moment. It is also assumed you already cloned the repository, as described in the Acrylamid section.)

Using this version of compass means that you'll get the warning to install the gem ffi will be installed. To install this gem you'll need to have the ruby-dev package installed if you are running Ubuntu.

If you now reload the site, the CSS should be in place and the site should look pretty. :)


If you want to develop on this site, you don't want to manually compile the HTML and CSS by hand every time you change something...

To have Acrylamid automatically refresh the HTML:

$ acrylamid autocompile

And to have Compass compile your CSS when needed:

$ compass watch