A set of useful scripts for the Google Maps API
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Google Maps API Addons

What you're seeing here is a compilation of scripts that enhance the functionalities of the Google Maps API (currently in Version 3) in different ways.

All scripts are open-source, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2 (see LICENSE for details). Feel free to use the scripts in your own projects or modify them according to your needs.

There are many live examples of the addons for you to try at marmat.github.io. Furthermore the site contains reference docs in the style of the original Google Maps JavaScript API documentation to make it even easier for you to use the classes.


Here is a short overview of classes that are available in this repository.


This class provides a custom overlay which shows an approximation of where the day/night line runs at any given date.


An extremely lightweight marker class. The marker is trimmed down to the very basic needs of a marker. In the DOM hierarchy, the marker is represented by a single div-node.


A marker which can be placed inside custom StreetView Panoramas. The marker can be fixed to a position in the panorama image and thus moves with the user's viewport changes.