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Contributing to Marp for VS Code

Thank you for taking the time to read how to contribute to Marp for VS Code! This is the guideline for contributing to Marp for VS Code.

We are following the contributing guideline of marp-team projects. Please read these guidelines this before starting work in Marp for VS Code.


Typically using VS Code's debugger is good. See launch configurations on .vscode/launch.json

Launch configurations

  • Build and run: Compile TypeScript and run compiled extension.
  • Run: Only run compiled extension. It's useful running together with yarn watch. Recommend to execute Restart Debugging manually when updated source code.
  • Run with extensions: Run compiled extension with enabled other installed extensions. It's useful to validate the race condition.

Unit testing

Marp team adopts Jest as test runner. This repository can run unit test by yarn test:unit.

yarn test:unit

NOTE: It seems to be difficult to run VSCode's E2E test on Jest. We're welcome to contribute for supporting E2E tests.

Package VSIX

yarn package

NOTE: Packaging tasks will run vsce via npx to avoid some troubles while bundling. (e.g. #35, #57)


Publish to Visual Studio Marketplace (For maintainer)

A way to release is different from other projects of Marp Team targeted to npm.

Just run yarn vsce:publish [major|minor|patch] at the latest master branch. It can bump version and release to Marketplace at once. Don't forget git push && git push --tags!

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