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Staticaly - Solution for your static files

Our mission is to make static files easy to manage and fast to deliver

What is Staticaly?

The simple words for answering What is Staticaly's question is Solutions for your static files.

Not enough yet? No problemo

Staticaly is a Free, Reliable and Open Source CDN for your static files, it comes with advanced features so you can load your project and creating demos from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket more easier or even load images from your origin server more faster.

Staticaly serves raw files from these Supported Providers with proper Content-Type headers + Super Fast Global Content Delivery Network provided by CloudFlare, Fastly, StackPath, CDN77 and waiting for you to joining us.

Staticaly comes with advanced features like Imgpx to load images more faster or Favicons to load favicon from a domain. And for our main feature, proxying raw files with proper Content-Type headers from GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket is our best.

With Staticaly, you can load the project to the web very easily, where it will be very useful if you creating demos, instructional material or load static files for your project.

Staticaly is open source project built and maintained by Marsble.

The technologies that we currently use


Staticaly won't be running perfectly without Our Sponsors. Meet Our Sponsor or Become A Sponsors.

🚀 Support

Staticaly is free, but we make it a bit more professional. If have any questions or maybe find a bugs, please create an issue on GitHub.


Staticaly maintains a list of files that are known to be malicious. If you find such a file on Supported Providers, please let us know!

💫 Feedback

If you think this is useful, we'd love to hear from you. Please tweet us anything at @staticalyhq with any questions, concerns or even just for say hello.


The following are some good sources for knowing more about Staticaly: