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Image processing

Digital image processing is the use of algorithms to make computers analyze the content of digital images.

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onepiecefreak3 commented Feb 16, 2020

This feature is implemented in many graphics hardwares at least of most gaming consoles. Adding this feature would enable ImageSharp to natively allow for these specifications of graphics hardware to be supported out of the box.

As per OpenCV naming and implementation this feature is most likely known as "Remapping" or "Point remapping". So as the naming goes, it should incorporate either one.

rdinner commented Aug 3, 2020


When the image array passed to skimage.segmentation.slic() is a float array containing NaNs, the routine frequently crashes (most of the time, in my case). In Spyder, this causes a silent failure, with the print statement below failing to execute and the environment being reset. I've observed this behavior under both Windows and Linux.

Way to reproduce

import nu
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