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OSSIM tool for DSM generation using stereo imagery


This repository contains the source code of an OSSIM plug-in (named D.A.T.E.) for Digital Surface Models (DSMs) generation from stereo images.

This is the updated code (based on a new and different approach) related to the 2014 GSoC project "Photogrammetric image processing: DSM generation tool for OSSIM".

For more information about the project please see:

This repository only contains the new and updated files, with reference to the structure of the OSSIM repository (

In order to compile and install this OSSIM Plug-In use the following instructions:

1. Install and compile the latest OSSIM version
2. In the OSSIM_DEV_HOME/ossim_plugins directory modify the CMakeLists.txt adding the line "SUBDIRS(opencv_dsm)" in the IF(BUILD_OSSIMOPENCV_PLUGIN) command
3. Open a shell in the OSSIM_DEV_HOME/ossim_plugins
4. Use the following git commands to download D.A.T.E. plug-In
	$git init 
	$git remote add origin
	$git pull origin master
5. Re-compile the OSSIM version enabling the OPENCV plugin option in the configuration file

For any doubts or issues please email me:


OSSIM tool for automatic DSM generation and merging using optical and SAR imagery (under development)



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