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Use a screen, a web browser, Jenkins and Github to have some nice dashboard!
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Project Dashboard

You have a spare screen, prominently placed in your team room? You have your project in Github and work with the Pull Request feature? You have Jenkins running?

Then why not use it all together for something awesome?

Clone this, put in your Jenkins & Github logins and tell it what job to build and receive "build health" for the latest build, the latest open pull request, the success rate of your builds, some free-form text and your project's or company's logo.

If the latest build is broken, it plays a Youtube video with Sirens going off and a nuclear bomb detonating (repeating until the build succeeds again).

Based on Dashing (

Setup Guide

Clone it. Change into the freshly cloned directory, run "bundle" and then "dashing start". Point your browser to http://localhost:3030 - wait 8 minutes, for the scheduler to fetch have fun!

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