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PHP client library for the Dribbble API.
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PHP Wrapper for Dribbble API

The Dribbble PHP API Wrapper is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a simple wrapper for the Dribbble API for use in your PHP projects.


You can either download the latest version of the library, or the preferred way is to install it as a dependency with Composer, a dependency manager for PHP.

Installing with Composer

To install with Composer, simply add the following to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "martinbean/dribbble-php": "3.*"

Then run composer.phar install from your command line.


You can use the wrapper in the traditional, include-and-instantiate-classes method; or (preferably) with Composer.

The API wrapper contains the following methods:

  • getShot()
  • getShotRebounds()
  • getShotComments()
  • getShotsList()
  • getPlayerShots()
  • getPlayerFollowingShots()
  • getPlayerLikes()
  • getPlayer()
  • getPlayerFollowers()
  • getPlayerFollowing()
  • getPlayerDraftees()

These correspond to the API methods as described on Dribbble’s API documentation page.

As per Dribbble’s documentation, some methods take an optional id parameter which can be either a player ID or alpha-numeric username; and some further methods take optional page and per_page parameters for pagination.


All responses from the Dribbble API PHP Wrapper are returned as PHP objects, so you can act on properties directly. If any errors are encountered, then a Dribbble\Api\Exception is thrown, which can be caught in a try/catch block.

An example usage would be:



$client = new Dribbble\Api\Client();

try {
    $shots = $client->getPlayerShots('martinbean');
    foreach ($shots->shots as $shot) {
        printf('<li><a href="%s">%s</a></li>', $shot->url, $shot->title);
catch (Dribbble\Exception $e) {
    printf('%d: %s', $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());

This would fetch mine (martinbean) shots, but also catch any exceptions should they arise.

Other notes

The Dribbble API PHP Wrapper was created by Martin Bean and is released under the MIT License.

If you have any issues with the wrapper then please open an Issue on the GitHub project.

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