Node.js application to bypass Bitcoin buying limitations on Coinbase.
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Node.js application to bypass buying limitations on Coinbase.

Example Bitcoin Trader


You must first have node.js and an API key from Coinbase. The button you'll need is a little ways down on the page:

API key enabled

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. In the repo folder, run git submodule init; git submodule update
  3. Edit config.js to provide your Coinbase API key.
  4. Run node trader.js

You should now have a console to set up BTC buy orders. They will remain open until the Coinbase limit is lifted, at which point they'll be filled normally.

Use BUY <amount> to purchase Bitcoins, and SELL <amount> to sell. Orders will be retried at the configurable interval (default: 5 seconds) until filled. Every 60 seconds, a report will be printed of outstanding orders.

Use BUY <amount> [currency] to buy as many Bitcoin as possible using <amount> of [currency] at the current exchange rates, updated once per 60 seconds. Coinbase fees are included in the calculations, but fluctuating prices can result in slight over and under spends.


Currently, only buy orders are supported.


You can send donations to: 1LQTXi1iWULMd4aKn5tKpcgT3xgJiTV5Dm