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XmlSoccer Parser

Simple Python client for interacting with the XmlSoccer API.

Basic Usage

All of the XmlSoccer API methods can be accessed via the call_api function, as shown in the example below.

from xmlsoccer import xmlsoccer

xmls = XmlSoccer(api_key=YOUR_API_KEY, use_demo=False)

fixtures = xmls.call_api(method='GetHistoricMatchesByLeagueAndSeason',
                        league='Scottish Premier League')
teams = xmls.call_api(method='GetAllTeams')

leagues = xmls.call_api(method='GetAllLeagues')

standings = xmlsoccer.call_api(method='GetLeagueStandingsBySeason',
                               league='English Premier League')


The code has been successfully tested on Windows 7, OSX 10.9, Ubuntu and ElementaryOS Luna