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This code implements the Gaussian Streaming Model using components from Convolution Lagrangian Effective Field Theory as described in:

Z.Vlah, E.Castorina, M.White

The Gaussian streaming model and Convolution Lagrangian effective field theory

JCAP 12(2016)007, []

The code is written (mostly) in C++. It can be run from the command line, or called from Python (wrappers provided).

The C++ version in "config2pt" currently only implements the configuration-space statistics (i.e. the correlation function). The Fortran routines in "ps_fortran" provide an implementation of the power spectrum routines.

We additionally provide fast and simple Python routines for computing the ZEFT, Halo-Zeldovich and GSM models' real-space auto- and cross-correlations of biased tracers as described in

C.Modi, M.White, Z.Vlah

Modeling CMB Lensing Cross Correlations with CLEFT

JCAP, 08(2017)009, []

This code is available in the HaloZeldovich and ps_python3 directories.