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Pool-based active learning for crowdsourcing word-sense disambiguation tasks

Word-sense disambiguation task is a task to resolve ambiguity: find out which of the possible meanings the phrase has in a particular context. An example of disambiguation task:

Its use should be postponed in patients with Sardinella siccus affecting the stomach or gut.

Does Sardinella siccus in this text mean a type of disorder or a living being?

There are 190 000 cases of ambiguous terms produced by automated text annotation tool. The goal is to resolve all of them. To train a classifier to perform such tasks labeled data is needed. A project is conducted at Computational Linguistics Lab of UZH to use crowdsourcing: Amazon Mechanical Turk workers are asked to solve such tasks:

mantracrowd survey

As of now, tasks are being randomly picked from a pool of 190 000 ambiguous cases. Each of them is solved by at least 3 different workers. The goal of the project would be to implement active learning:

  1. Have a classifier to predict phrase meaning from context (solve disambiguation tasks)
  2. Request MTurk workers to solve tasks which are the most informative for training the classifier


Unlabeled data: ~195 000 disambiguation tasks

Labeled data:

  • 821 answers to 255 tasks (taken out of these 195 000) by MTurk workers. More answers can be easily retrieved if needed.
  • Up to 16 million non-ambiguous annotations, which can be viewed as tasks with known answers to train the initial classifier



  1. Applying active learning to supervised word sense disambiguation in MEDLINE. Chen et al., 2012
  2. Active Learning with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Laws et at., EMNLP, 2011 (link)
  3. Adaptive Submodularity: Theory and Applications in Active Learning and Stochastic Optimization. Golovin and Krause, 2011
  4. Near-optimal Batch Mode Active Learning and Adaptive Submodular Optimization. Chen and Krause, 2013


See final report.

Log of the results can be viewed here.


Projects in Machine Learning ETH team trying to use mechanical turk and active learning for solving word-sense disambiguation task







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