AL Object Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central development
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AL Object Designer

C/Side Object Designer was something that the new AL development environment lacks of very much. The idea behind this extension is to provide a main hub for daily development by giving back the ability of overview.

Main Features

  • List Overview of all AL objects in your project: based on symbols (*.app) and your local .al files.
  • List Events from symbol objects, browse them in the same way as objects.
  • Live Update: object list is automatically maintained as you create/change/delete objects or download symbols.
  • Multi-Folder workspaces are supported: e.g. a workspace with MainApp/TestApp folders.
  • Object Search: filter by Object Type, Name or ID.
  • Event Search: filter by Object Type, Name, ID or Event Name.
  • Copy/Paste Events: copy event subscription definition to clipboard by clicking on Event Name.
  • Object/Event Name filtering: works with partial matches as well. Just like the Windows RTC Client's search field.
  • Run selected objects.
  • Run table/page extentions.
  • View definition of Symbols: original file is opened for local files.
  • Generate new objects from tables: card/list pages, report, query.
  • Built-in snippets: generate new dictionary or entry tables using a single click.
  • Custom snippets: use your own snippets placed in <project root>/.altemplates folder
  • Design view for Pages (alpha): card/list layout is rendered for local pages. Card/Document Symbols are also supported.


'Run Object' function is based on commands from CRS AL Language Extension. It's made by Waldo so you should install it anyway. ;)

VS Commands

  • AL Object Designer: opens Object Overview
  • AL Page Designer: opens up Page Designer for currently edited AL Object (Page)

Page Designer

This extension has a limited ability to view a rendered page layout without deployment, or move existing fields/actions on screen using drag&drop. Supported page types:

  • Card types: Card, Document
  • List types: types other than Card/Document are regarded as List

Rendered layout is very similar to Business Central pages, although not an exact copy as I'm not using Office Fabric UI.

Extension Settings

TODO: this is something I want for future releases. Many options are now hardcoded but should be customizable for the best experience.

Known Issues

  • Design feature works only with pages, the window is empty when selecting page extensions.
  • View (Go to definition) is active for all object types, however, it will not work with Control Add-ins for example.
  • Event listing does not include events defined in local objects.
  • It might be too bright for dark themes.


Searching for "Item Ledger Entry" table

Find Page "Sales Order" as a dynosaur would :)

Filter to workspace and check the context menu for more options

Browse events

Copy/Paste Events

Real-time Page Designer (alpha)

Under the hood

AL Object Designer is a single-page Aurelia app that is embedded into a VS Code WebView and exchanges data back and forth.

For more information

Github repo: feel free to fork it or send feedback/pull requests.

Happy AL coding!