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WP Customer Area Translations

Repository to gather translation files for the WP Customer Area add-ons.

You will find the main plugin translations in the corresponding Transifex project. You can directly contribute to translations there. Else you can also send your translations to us via email (see below).

Please kindly note that English and French translations are bundled with each extension. No need to submit translations for these languages here.


  • Find out if your add-on translation is available on this repository
  • Then look for the translation files (both PO and MO) corresponding to your language code
  • Download them and drop these files in the folder wp-content/customer-area/languages

The add-on should now be available in your language. Please kindly note that translation files may not be complete as people do not always send us an update when a new version is out.

In that case, you will need to translate the rest of the strings by yourself (see below). And if you feel like sending the updated version to us, do not hesitate ;)


We have a documentation which explains how to translate WP Customer Area add-ons.

Once your files are ready, please send them to us via email:

In your email, please specify which version has been translated and if you want to be listed in the contributors below.



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