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Build a JavaScript game (Makers Academy workshop)

Screenshot of Space Invaders

The itinerary

  1. I'll livecode a small game from scratch.
  2. We'll briefly dissect the architectural approach I used.
  3. We'll talk about an approach for testing game code.
  4. You'll choose what game to implement: Snake, Asteroids, Lunar Lander.
  5. You'll break into pairs spend the rest of the workshop implementing your game. I'll be here to help.

The aims of this workshop

Every game has different, gameplay-specific problems that need to be solved. The solutions to these problems are different for different games. If this workshop were about how to do animation, or player movement, or collision resolution, it would not be very useful. The techniques I presented would be useful for some games, but not others.

This workshop is based around letting you practice using an architectural approach that is good for building 2D action games. This approach can be applied to many different games. It scales to ten, a hundred or a thousand times as many lines of code.

This workshop will also let you complete, or make good progress on, your first game.

Space Invaders

The code is in space-invaders/src/.

Running the game

Install Python 2

Run Space Invaders game

To serve the Space Invaders code

$ cd build-a-javascript-game-workshop/space-invaders/
$ open index.html
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 4000

Run livecoded game

To serve the livecoded code

$ cd build-a-javascript-game-workshop/livecoded-game/
$ open index.html
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 4000

Running the tests for Space Invaders

$ cd build-a-javascript-game-workshop
$ npm install
$ npm test

What game to make?


Reasonably simple. Probably the best example for focusing on the architecture and not getting bogged down in implementation details.

Screenshot of Snake


Requries some trigonometry to detect when lines are intersecting.

Screenshot of Asteroids

Lunar Lander

Requires some trigonometry to detect when lines are intersecting. Also fiddly because the lander has to be able to rest on the landing pad.

Screenshot of Lunar Lander

How to get started

  1. Get a black square drawing on the canvas.

  2. Create a game tick function and get it running many times a second.

  3. Create a player body and get its update() and draw() functions running.

  4. Use the keyboard to move the player around.

  5. ...

Canvas drawing reference

See in the root of this repo. It has code for drawing lines, polygons and circles, and setting colours.