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MaryLux Data

Multilingual Luxembourgish/French/German speech database for the MaryLux TTS voices in MaryTTS, recorded in 2014 at Saarland University by Judith Manzoni.


The audio data is provided in a single FLAC file, recorded at 48 kHz sampling frequency with 16 bit per sample.

The textual data is provided in a single YAML file. This file is a list of utterances, each of which contains

  • a prompt code (file basename),
  • the utterance text,
  • utterance start and end times (in seconds) in the FLAC file,
  • optionally, the phonetic segments, each of which has
    • a label (based on SAMPA, _ denotes silence), and
    • its duration (in seconds)

For example,

- prompt: lb-northwind-0001
  text: Den Nordwand an d''Sonn
  start: 5.859
  end: 7.261
  - {lab: _, dur: 0.095}
  - {lab: d, dur: 0.07}
  - {lab: '@', dur: 0.025}
  - {lab: n, dur: 0.015}
  - {lab: n, dur: 0.07}
  - {lab: o, dur: 0.055}
  - {lab: R, dur: 0.145}
  - {lab: d, dur: 0.03}
  - {lab: v, dur: 0.05}
  - {lab: A, dur: 0.075}
  - {lab: n, dur: 0.045}
  - {lab: t, dur: 0.02}
  - {lab: a~, dur: 0.14}
  - {lab: t, dur: 0.03}
  - {lab: z, dur: 0.11}
  - {lab: o, dur: 0.12}
  - {lab: n, dur: 0.105}
  - {lab: _, dur: 0.201}

Downloading the data

Use the links on the releases page, or run the downloadAudio task (see below).

Converting the data

For convenience, the utterances for each subset can be be extracted from the YAML and FLAC files using simple commands to run Gradle tasks. After cloning or downloading and unpacking this repository, run ./gradlew tasks (or gradlew tasks on Windows) for details.


You will need Java to run the tasks. Extracting the utterances to WAV files also requires sox to be installed.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014 DFKI GmbH.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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