Checks if modules failed and notifies the community
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Checks if modules failed and notifies the community.


Just thinking out loud here.

  • A module turns out to fail today. It didn't fail yesterday. The bot reacts by telling the channel.

  • For each such new failure, as part of the failure message, the bot should also report what since yesterday has changed: the module, Rakudo, NQP, the underlying VM, or any combination of these.

  • Also as part of the failure message, the backend(s) should be reported.

  • Many modules fail today that didn't fail yesterday. The bot tells the channel, but without flooding the channel; it links to a text file with a list of failing modules.

  • A single module or a group of modules that still fail for the Nth day in a row should also be flagged up, but with separate messages.

  • Optionally, the bot might want to keep track of a module's previous failure history, at least (say) 100 days back, and (if there was a previous period of failures for that module) also report the number of previous failures.

  • Important: the bot shouldn't feel spammy. It's OK for IRC lines to be longish, but there shouldn't be more than two spontaneous utterances per day, and preferably only one.

  • When asked directly, the bot can give full information about the current status of a module.

  • Very low-priority, but still possibly relevant in the future: if/when we expand beyond just Rakudo Star modules, the bot should also include information about whether or not the module is a Rakudo Star module.