Some files which I have hitherto failed to make into real presentation software
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In here are the files I always end up copying to a new directory when
starting to fiddle with a new presentation. I'd hate for them to be lost,
so here they are on github, my extended hard drive.

Also, I keep wanting to generalize/improve this software to something general,
sort of a presentation framework, something that others could get some
mileage out of. That hasn't happened, and it keeps on not happening. Thus,
the name 'failure' seems fitting for this repository.

Consider what's in here to be licensed under Artistic 2.0 for the time being.

= How it works

I'm not sure why I'm explaining this. It's not like you're going to use the
software to make a presentation or something.

Ok, so here's a short explanation: it takes the list in the YAML file 'slides'
and builds a bunch of numbered .pdf files. Each item in the list represents
one slide. There are different types of item:

- Just text. Gives you a slide with just text on it. Simple, really.
- slide: code. Formats the text as a verbatim block of code.
- slide: file. Pulls in an SVG file from the current directory.

Now, this last type has an option 'gradual' which, when flipped on, causes
the SVG file to be shown incrementally. I use this a lot. It shows the first
element inside the SVG file, then the first and the second, etc. Each
increment ends up as a separate slide.

I do most of my SVG editing in Inkscape. But unless you're really careful,
the elements will end up being in a jumbled order, and Inkscape also tends to
include a lot of unnecessary crap in the beginning, producing blank slides.
Because of this, I tend to edit the .svg files manually to get them the way I
want. It's not as painful as it sounds, and the end result makes it worth it.