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A Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime written in Perl 6

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= Yapsi -- Yet Another Perl Six Implementation

This is an implementation of a Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime in Perl 6.

== Building Yapsi

$ ufo && make

'ufo' is a Makefile generator, and can be found at

== Features currently available in Yapsi

Right now you can do things like this:

$ bin/yapsi -e 'say 42'

$ bin/yapsi -e 'my $a; my $b = { $a = 5 }; $b(); say $a'

$ bin/yapsi -e 'my $a = 5; my $b := $a; $b = 41; ++$b; say $a'

$ bin/yapsi -e 'my $a = 42; while --$a { say $a }'

In other words, Yapsi currently handles scalar variables, declaration, blocks,
assignment, binding, prefix increment/decrement, if/while, and say.

The compiler also detects syntax errors.

$ bin/yapsi -e 'say say'
Could not parse

== Near-future directions

Things we hope to implement in the immediate future:

* More loops
* Function calls
* Phasers

For more detailed information, see doc/ROADMAP.

== Raison d'être

Besides being useful as a p6-in-p6 implementation, Yapsi also might work as
a fast vehicle for exploring the following underexplored areas of the Perl 6

* Phasers
* Constant folding
* Early catching of errors
* Increased communication between compiler and runtime

== License

Yapsi is released under Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.
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