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GitLog is gitosis repository browser build on django.
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Gitoris repository browser build on django. Demo. username: demo, password: demo


  • Django >= 1.3
  • Pygments >= 1.4
  • GitPython >= 0.3.2
  • Makrdown >= 2.0.3
  • South >= 0.7.2
  • Docutils >= 0.8.1


  1. Register these following applications in the INSTALLED_APPS section of your project’s settings
  • 'gitlog'
  • 'south'
  • 'django.contrib.markup'
  1. Add these following template context processors if not already present.
  • 'django.core.context_processors.static'
  • 'gitlog.context_processors.gitlog'
  • 'django.core.context_processors.auth',
  • 'django.core.context_processors.i18n',
  • 'django.core.context_processors.request',
  1. Add this in
  • url(r'^', include('gitlog.urls')),
  1. Copy hooks/post-receive to /home/git/repositories/gitosis-admin.git/hooks/, uncomment last 2 lines and fix path
  2. Run following commands
  • python syncdb --all
  • python migrate --fake
  • python collectstatic
  • sudo python manage runserver

Sudo is required for access to repository directories


See gitlog/ for available settings. example/gitosis.conf. example gitosis configuration

Users and repositories are managed from post-receive hook. User is created only if it starts with '@'. Example

[group username]

members = user@home user@office

[group repositories]

members = @username

writable = repo1

readonly = repo2

In this case after gitosis-admin push 1 user will be created with username "username" and 2 repositories (repo1, repo2)

Additional and necessary settings

[repo repo1]

owner = username

[repo repo2]

owner = otheruser

[user username]

email = user@email

password = secret

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