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Art gallery application for Simon Stålenhag's artwork
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Art gallery application for Simon Stålenhag's artwork

The application automatically scrapes Simon Stålenhag's website, skips so-called detailed images and only downloads thumbnails and full-size images. After that, it generates an HTML page which presents the downloaded artwork in a very accessible manner by creating an online gallery where users can navigate with ease and be able to see the full-size images without leaving the main page and opening unnecessary browser tabs.

How to build

  • Clone this repository
  • Run mvn package inside the project folder in order to build the project artifact
  • Inside the project folder cd ./target and then java -jar ./simon.jar in order to start the web scraper and generate the HTML page
  • Inside the project folder docker build -t simon . to build a Docker image

How to run

  • Use the script to start the app inside a Docker container
  • Run the script to stop the app

How to use

After you start the app with the script, the application will be available at http://localhost:8080.

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