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🚀 A responsive Jekyll theme based on my personal internet site


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Captain’s log

live demo

Captain’s log is a minimalistic & responsive theme for Jekyll. It has several color scheme options and is em/rem based, so it's should be easy to customize it to your own taste!


This theme is made by Masha Safina for blogging porpoises.

Get Started

Fork repository first 👆 Instal jekyll, clone repo & start jekyll server.

$ gem install jekyll
$ git clone
$ cd captains-log

Update _config.yml

Don't forget to update _config.yml file located in the root of the theme (to not have my email and twitter linked)

# Site settings
title:       Captains-log
author:      Masha Safina
description: ":rocket: A responsive Jekyll theme based on my personal internet site"
baseurl:     "" 
url:         "" 

# Social Links
twitter_username: username
github_username:  username

# Build settings
markdown: kramdown
permalink: pretty

Run Jekyll

$ jekyll serve --watch

View your site localy at localhost:4000

Style Customization

The _default.scss located in the _sass\themes directory contains default variables for the base b/w color scheme.

  |-- themes
    |-- _default.scss
    |-- _data-dreams.scss
    |-- _sweet-like-will.scss

  |-- main.scss

and is imported as partial in main.scss before everything else.

// theme variables go first
@import 'themes/default';

@import 'reset';
@import 'base';

To use one of the preset color schemes simply replace _default.scss partial with desired from _sass\themes directory:

// theme variables go first
@import 'themes/sweet-like-will';

@import 'reset';
@import 'base';

To customize it further tweak the following vars in _sass\themes\_default.scss (or create a separate file).

$font-size-base:   18px;     // base body font size, the rest are REM based
$line-height-base: 1.5;      // base line height
$font-size-mobile: 14px;     // font size after break point 

$text-color:       #fff;                     // main copy color
$text-color-light: rgba($text-color, 0.4);   // dates & footer copy
$title-color:      #0dccd1;                  // post title color on post page

$background-color: #3b3056;   // main background color

$brand-color-base: #f76067;   // main accent color
$brand-color-sub:  #0dccd1;   // secondary accent color

Ta-da! 🎉


🚀 A responsive Jekyll theme based on my personal internet site







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