Wildcard HostnameVerifier for Oracle WebLogic
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Wildcard Hostname Verifier for Oracle WebLogic


I had the same need as this guy, but I don't trust regex hackery for something this sensitive. This is my attempt -- no external dependencies (though I really should've used antlr), and an attempt to stay as close to RFC2253 as I can.


Download the jar and put it somewhere in WebLogic's CLASSPATH. This must be the CLASSPATH for an entire server, not just your application. To try it out in JDeveloper's Integrated WebLogic server, you have very little choice -- mine is here:


Watch out when you patch WebLogic, though. I have no idea how it interacts with actual WebLogic patches.

For an actual production deployment, from this blog post:

  • Now go back to the web console - http://localhost:7001, for each server in the environment, go to the server start tab and put in the appropriate values.
  • If you are using StartScriptEnabled=true in nodemanager.properties, then the classpath and jvm arguments from the script will be used first and the values you specify on the Server Startup tab will get added to the end, so you only need to enter values that are unique to each server in the classpath and arguments section.


Download the jar, and install it somewhere in your server's classpath. Then follow Oracle's directions on configuring a custom hostname verifier. Set the Custom Hostname Verifier to:



This is set up as an Eclipse project because Java demands an IDE, but I've also built an ant buildfile, both because this is how Eclipse builds jars, and because it should lower the barrier of entry.

So to build: Install ant, then run 'ant' in a shell. You should get a jar. You can now install as above.