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Flexbox mixins
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NO LONGER MAINTAINED: With every major browser supporting Flexbox now, and tools like autoprefixer covering this and so much more, I am no longer maintaining this repo (as may already be apparent). Feel free to fork and continue using it if you must, but you should really use Autoprefixer now!

Sass flexbox mixin

This is a set of mixins for those who want to mess around with flexbox using the native support of current browsers. For full support table check:

Basically this will use:

  • Fallback, old syntax (IE10, mobile webkit browsers - no wrapping)
  • Final standards syntax (FF, Safari, Chrome, IE11, Opera)



bower install sass-flex-mixin

This was inspired by:

With help from:

A version compatible with Compass is provided by @trinonsense, on the compass branch.

Licensed under MIT.

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