This is a Maven M2E Google Protobuf connector to build maven eclipse project using maven-protoc-plugin
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Lifecycle M2E connector for maven-protoc-plugin

This is a m2e connector to be able to build Google Protobuf Maven builds inside eclipse.


To build the plugin:

mvn package

This will both create the plugin jar and the eclipse feature.

It is necessary to use Maven 3, as Maven 2 can't build connectors.


In Eclipse Indigo:

  1. open the Install New Software window from the Help menu.
  2. Then click on the Add button
  3. select the Archive button and point it to the: file.
  4. Accept the license terms and restart eclipse.


Once installed, and if your project has already been imported, you must use M2E "Update Project Configuration" to instruct eclipse and m2e to use the new connector.

You project POM should use the maven-protoc-plugin like this:

				<id>generate proto sources</id>
			<name>David Trott's Public Repository</name>


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