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git-status-report TODO items

  • support wildcard includes and excludes /some/project/*
    • users may have multiple repos for the same project (copies of remote ones or an actual separate repo for different branches)
    • similarly users may have personal projects that they don’t want accidentally included in their status report for work.
  • when it has to find repos on its own, interactively ask users on each discovery if they’d like to have it added to the configuration
  • alert the user if they’ve selected a number of days that exceeds the oldest commit in the repo (just include it in the output , don’t error)
  • add a -c / —configuration option which will display the currently configured repos and give instructions for modifying it.
  • add an -a / —all option that will show work by person by day. Useful for managers trying to get an idea of what their team has been up to.