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glasner commented Feb 26, 2013


I ran into an issue with exclusive subsets; because, I wasn't sending options when adding/removing models. So when the code went to extend the options with {exclusive_collection: true} it would crash.

This code checks for undefined options. It also let's you define this.exclusive_collection as a Boolean instead of having to pass a function. Function still works, but now it's just a little less code to use.

Thanks for the awesome lib! Saved me a ton of work.

  • Jordan

Since Subset depends on Backbone, which in turns depends on Underscore you can safely replace this whole thing with _.result(this.exclusiveSubset) which does the exact same thing.


glasner replied Mar 1, 2013

Good catch! I always forget about that method.

@glasner glasner closed this Jan 10, 2014

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