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💸 No more placeholder text in Figma. Use real APIs!!
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Rich Data for Figma

⚠️ This is very much a WIP! Feel free to play around with it, but it won't be published to Figma's plugin list for a bit.

Replace placeholder Figma text values with real data from real APIs!

The main plugin code is in src/code.ts. The HTML for the UI is in src/ui.html, while the embedded JavaScript is in src/ui.ts.

These are compiled to files in dist/, which are what Figma will uses to run the plugin.

To build:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Development Plans

  • Replace JSON paths with values from JSON API
  • Revert values back to JSON paths
  • Increment array values for JSON paths in component instances
  • Create UI for substituting values with JSON keys
  • Allow image URLs to be used as element backgrounds


Copyright © 2019-present.
This project is ISC licensed.

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