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Tic-Tac-Toe Golf

The Challenge: Play through a game of tic-tac-toe.

You will receive a 9-digit number on STDIN. Each digit represents a move, where the number refers to the number of the respective square on the board.


X always goes first. Play through the game turn-by-turn, and output the winner and the final board. Your input may give you moves even after someone has won. Ignore them. It doesn't matter what would have happened after somebody wins.

The format of your output must exactly match those of the test cases to count as passing.

See the tests folder for some examples. You will receive the contents of in.txt on STDIN, and are expected to return the contents of out.txt on STDOUT.

An example (tests/x1-7)

Given input: 125973468

Return output:

Winner: X
X| |O

Run tests

Put your script in scripts/, and let Gofflesby do the rest :)

$ ruby test.rb myscript.rb

Gofflesby automatically runs all the tests on scripts/myscript.rb, giving you pass/fail feedback instantly.

A few samples are included in scripts/. Thanks to grelca for the PHP.

Language support

Gofflesby currently supports

  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • C++ (requires g++)

...but this can easily be changed. config.yml contains basic bash instructions on how to run a file of any filetype. {SCRIPT} is replaced with the script name, and {IO} is replaced with the STDIN/STDOUT part of the command. Add your own languages as needed, and feel free to send a pull request.