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#from generated.proto import gridworld_pb2
from Actions import Actions
import sys
import random
from Perceptions import Perceptions
class Map:
def __init__(self):
self.width = 0
self.height = 0
self.cells = []
self.actorCell = None
self.neighborCells = None
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.cells == other.cells and self.actorCell == other.actorCell
def getActorCell(self):
return self.actorCell
def getWidth(self):
return self.width
def getHeight(self):
return self.height
def size(self):
return self.width * self.height
def setWidth(self, width):
self.width = width
def setHeight(self, height):
self.height = height
def getViableCells(self):
return [c for c in self.cells if c.canBeEntered()]
def getCells(self):
return self.cells
def setCells(self, cells):
self.cells = cells
def getRandomEnterableCell(self):
okCells = self.getViableCells()
startCell = random.choice(okCells)
def setCellNeighbors(self):
self.neighborCells = []
for cell in self.cells:
neighbors = []
for otherCell in self.cells:
# compute L1 distance (Manhattan)
dist = abs(otherCell.getRow() - cell.getRow()) +\
abs(otherCell.getCol() - cell.getCol())
if dist == 1:
# direct neighbors
def isCellAdjacentToWall(self, cell):
neighbors = self.neighborCells[cell.getIndex()]
for neighborCell in neighbors:
if neighborCell.isWall():
return True
return False
def getCellNeighbors(self, cell):
return self.neighborCells[cell.getIndex()]
def getWallNeighbors(self, cell):
neighbors = self.neighborCells[cell.getIndex()]
wallNeighbors = [nCell for nCell in neighbors if nCell.isWall()]
def getNbrAdjacentWalls(self, cell):
def getCellByIndex(self, idx):
return self.cells[idx]
def getCell(self, row, col):
idx = (row * self.getWidth()) + col
#print("getCell @ " + str(idx) + ", row: " + str(row) + ", col: " + str(col))
return self.cells[idx]
def getRow(self, row):
rowStart = self.getWidth() * row
rowEnd = rowStart + self.getWidth()
#print("row int: " + str(rowStart) + ", " + str(rowEnd))
row = self.cells[rowStart:rowEnd]
return row
def __str__(self):
out = ""
for rowId in range(self.getHeight()):
rowCells = self.getRow(rowId)
for cell in rowCells:
out += str(cell)
# row has ended
out += "\n"
def moveActor(self, newCell):
self.actorCell = newCell
def apply(self, action):
# applies action to map
return self.applyMove(action)
def evaluateAction(self, action, actorCell):
x = actorCell.getRow()
y = actorCell.getCol()
if action == Actions.GO_NORTH:
potentialCell = self.getCell(x-1, y)
elif action == Actions.GO_EAST:
potentialCell = self.getCell(x, y+1)
elif action == Actions.GO_SOUTH:
potentialCell = self.getCell(x+1, y)
elif action == Actions.GO_WEST:
potentialCell = self.getCell(x, y-1)
elif action == Actions.NONE:
potentialCell = actorCell
raise Exception("Unknown action")
# we're at the border of the map
# so action can't be executed
potentialCell = None
def proposeMove(self, action):
# movement logic
#print("apply move:" + str(action))
potentialCell = None
actorCell = self.getActorCell()
#if actorCell.isGoal():
## do not move away from goal
#return potentialCell
if not actorCell.canBeEntered():
# current actor cell is invalid (e.g. wall)
raise Exception("Actor in invalid cell")
potentialCell = self.evaluateAction(action, actorCell)
if not potentialCell or not potentialCell.canBeEntered():
# TODO: canBeEntered should not be implemented like this but with transition probability?
return None
return potentialCell
def getSensorReadOut(self, action, actorCell, useSmartBumpers = True):
potentialCell = self.evaluateAction(action, actorCell)
perception = None
# TODO: put smart bumper use in GameConfig
# TODO: move sensor read out to game logic
if potentialCell and potentialCell.isWall():
perception = Perceptions.HIT_WALL
if useSmartBumpers:
if action == Actions.GO_NORTH:
perception = Perceptions.HIT_WALL_N
elif action == Actions.GO_EAST:
perception = Perceptions.HIT_WALL_E
elif action == Actions.GO_SOUTH:
perception = Perceptions.HIT_WALL_S
elif action == Actions.GO_EAST:
perception = Perceptions.HIT_WALL_E
perception = Perceptions.NOT_HIT_WALL
return perception
def applyMove(self, action):
oldActorCell = self.getActorCell()
potentialCell = self.proposeMove(action)
if potentialCell:
# move actor
# return sensor measurements resulting from move
return self.getSensorReadOut(action, oldActorCell)
def setActor(self, cell):
if self.actorCell:
self.actorCell = cell
if cell:
def unsetActor(self, cell):
self.actorCell = None
def hasActorReachedGoal(self):
return self.actorCell.isGoal()
#def serialize(self):
#state = gridworld_pb2.State()
#state.width = self.width
#state.height = self.height
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