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[Carousel][Catalog] Remove default list from Carousel catalog demos a…
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…s it is not an example of a carousel

PiperOrigin-RevId: 551280479
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imhappi authored and pekingme committed Jul 27, 2023
1 parent f101532 commit 0171624
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Expand Up @@ -78,12 +78,6 @@ public Fragment createFragment() {
public Fragment createFragment() {
return new FullScreenStrategyDemoFragment();
new Demo(R.string.cat_carousel_default_list_demo_title) {
public Fragment createFragment() {
return new DefaultListDemoFragment();

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This file was deleted.

This file was deleted.

Expand Up @@ -52,7 +52,6 @@
<string name="cat_carousel_multi_browse_demo_title" translatable="false">Multi-browse Carousel</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_hero_demo_title" description="Name of the hero variant demo. [CHAR_LIMIT=NONE]">Hero Carousel</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_fullscreen_demo_title" translatable="false">Fullscreen Carousel</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_default_list_demo_title" translatable="false">Default List</string>

<string name="cat_carousel_multi_browse_title" translatable="false">Multi-browse</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_multi_browse_desc" translatable="false">Multi-browse carousels allow quick browsing of many small items, like a photo thumbnail gallery.</string>
Expand All @@ -63,9 +62,6 @@
<string name="cat_carousel_fullscreen_title" description="Title of the fullscreen variant demo. [CHAR_LIMIT=NONE]">Fullscreen</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_fullscreen_desc" description="Title of the fullscreen variant demo. [CHAR_LIMIT=NONE]">Fullscreen carousels allow browsing with a focus on one item at a time.</string>

<string name="cat_carousel_default_title" translatable="false">Default</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_default_desc" translatable="false">A default horizontal list.</string>

<string name="cat_carousel_image_1_content_desc" translatable="false">A daisy at sunset</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_image_2_content_desc" translatable="false">Portrait of a person with hair covering their face</string>
<string name="cat_carousel_image_3_content_desc" translatable="false">Fungus on a tree</string>
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