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[Carousel][Docs] Adding docs for fullscreen carousel strategy
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## Fullscreen strategy

![A contained, fullscreen Carousel](assets/carousel/fullscreen.png)

A fullscreen strategy shows one item at a time that takes up the entire space
of the carousel.

You can use the fullscreen strategy by passing in the strategy to the
CarouselLayoutManager constructor: `new CarouselLayoutManager(new

With the fullscreen strategy, it is recommended to use a vertical orientation
carousel by either setting the orientation on the CarouselLayoutManager with the
setter, or through its constructor: `new CarouselLayoutManager(new
FullScreenCarouselStrategy(), RecyclerView.VERTICAL)`

It is also recommended to use the `CarouselSnapHelper`
to snap to the nearest item like so:

SnapHelper snapHelper = new CarouselSnapHelper();

## Customizing carousel

### Item size
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