Remixer for Android. Live adjustment of app variables.
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Remixer for Android

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Remixer is a framework to iterate quickly on UI changes by allowing you to adjust UI variables without needing to rebuild (or even restart) your app. You can adjust Numbers, Colors, Booleans, and Strings. To see it in action check out the example app.

If you are interested in using Remixer in another platform, you may want to check out the iOS and Javascript repos. With any of the three platforms you can use the Remote Controller.

Using Remixer in your app

The following docs explain how to get Remixer up and running in your app, and details on what Variable types are currently supported.

Contributing to Remixer

We're excited you want to contribute to the project! Please read these docs so we can get your contributions submitted quickly.

API Reference

Notice this includes internal APIs:

Is material-foundation affiliated with Google?

Yes, the material-foundation organization is one of Google's new homes for tools and frameworks related to our Material Design system. Please check out our blog post Design is Never Done for more information regarding Material Design and how Remixer integrates with the system.


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