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ITHACA-SEM - In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications with Spectral Element Methods - Reduced Order Models for Nektar++

0. Introduction

ITHACA-SEM is a python implementation of several reduced order modelling techniques. ITHACA-SEM is designed to work with Nektar++ 4.4.0 simulations.

ITHACA-SEM requires a Nektar++ 4.4.0 installation as well as the python3 library numpy.

1. Example

Example session files for Nektar++ are provided in the ITHACA_Test_cases subfolder.

2. Authors and contributors

ITHACA-SEM is currently developed and mantained at SISSA mathLab by Dr. Martin Hess under the supervision of Prof. Gianluigi Rozza.

Contact us by email for further information or questions about ITHACA-SEM. ITHACA-SEM is at an early development stage, so contributions improving either the code or the documentation are welcome.

3. License

ITHACA-SEM is freely available under the MIT license.