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Simple and sleek website panel for AdvancedBan.

  • Example can be found at here.

Notable Features

  • Self-host
  • Support multiple AdvancedBan versions
    • Legacy version 1.2.5
    • Stable version 2.1.5
    • Beta version 2.1.6
  • Themes
    • Beautiful default and contributor themes
    • Create custom themes
    • User theme selection
  • Languages
    • Default contributor languages
    • Create custom languages
    • User language selection
  • Punishments
    • Search
      • Search punishment status
      • Search punishment type
      • Search punishment through input for name, reason and operator
      • Mix and match multiple queries during each search
  • Players
    • Updated in a 5 second interval
    • Configure server host address and port
    • Optional query for older servers
    • Enable or disable
  • Navigation
    • Configure custom support link
    • Configure custom appeal link
    • Enable or disable one or both


  • PHP v7.2.8 recommended
  • mysqlnd PHP module
  • nd_mysqli PHP module
  • Apache mod_rewrite (optional, can be enabled)


Clone advancedbans to a local file location. Navigate to the database.php file, which should be located at static\database.php. Open the file with a text editor, such as Notepad++ for desktop or Nano for command-line. Enter the credentials for your database in the appropriate place and continue.


define("DATABASE_HOST", "host");
define("DATABASE_USER", "user");
define("DATABASE_PASSWORD", "password");
define("DATABASE_DATABASE", "database");

Configuration options are also available for AdvancedBans. These options allow you to change how AdvancedBans functions. The configuration file for AdvancedBans is located at static\configuration.json. Once you have made changes to the configuration file, I would suggest placing the configuration file in a JSON validator to make sure you have not removed something you should not have.

Please note that the version must be changed from stable to legacy or beta in order to use AdvancedBans with AdvancedBan version 1.2.5 or 2.1.6. Stable denotes use of AdvancedBan version 2.1.5.

    "version": "stable",
    "mod_rewrite": false,
    "default": {
        "theme": "photon",
        "language": "en-US"
    "language": {
        "title": "AdvancedBans",
        "description": "Simple and sleek punishment panel for AdvancedBan."
    "player_count": {
        "enabled": true,
        "query": false,
        "host": "",
        "port": "25565"
    "navigation": {
        "contact": {
            "enabled": true,
            "link": ""
        "appeal": {
            "enabled": true,
            "link": ""


Translating Advancedban Panel is simple. Languages are located in static\languages and all language files follow a simple format. To translate Advancedban Panel for yourself, create a new file for your language. For example, en-US.json is used for the English language used in the United States. Then, use the following template to make your translations.

	"language": "English",
	"collection": {
		"punishments": "Punishments",
		"support": "Support",
		"contact": "Contact",
		"appeal": "Appeal",
		"credit": "Credit",
		"themes": "Themes",
		"default": "Default",
		"languages": "Languages",
		"players": "Players",
		"search": "Search",
		"copy": "Copy",
		"copied": "Copied",
		"inactive": "Inactive",
		"active": "Active",
		"first": "First",
		"previous": "Previous",
		"next": "Next",
		"last": "Last",
		"name": "Name",
		"reason": "Reason",
		"operator": "Operator",
		"date": "Date",
		"expires": "Expires",
		"type": "Type",
		"status": "Status",
		"ban": "Ban",
		"temp_ban": "Temp. Ban",
		"ip_ban": "I.P. Ban",
		"mute": "Mute",
		"temp_mute": "Temp. Mute",
		"warning": "Warning",
		"temp_warning": "Temp. Warning",
		"kick": "Kick",
		"error_no_punishments": "No punishments could be listed on this page",
		"error_not_evaluated": "N/A"

Consider translating AdvancedBans into a language you are fluent in. Create a pull request and I will merge the language into the master branch.


Like translating AdvancedBans, theming AdvancedBans is also simple. However, AdvancedBans will always load the core files for Bootstrap and will follow a Bootstrap HTML structure. Themes are stored in static\themes and the following is an example of the file structure for a theme.

themes /
\ - photon /
    | - css /
        \ - photon.css
    | - img
    | - js
    \ - configuration.json

Static stylesheets and scripts should be placed in the appropriate css and js folders. As noted before, AdvancedBans will always load core Bootstrap files and jQuery before custom theme stylesheets and scripts.

The configuration.json file for your theme should follow this template.

	"theme": "Photon",
	"creator": "mathhulk"


To change the icons for AdvancedBans, replace the icon files located in static\resources\images and static\resources\images\icons and the favicon.ico file using a tool like


The author of AdvancedBan is Leoko. Find AdvancedBan on SpigotMC.


Exhibit bans and other punishment types from your Minecraft server online using AdvancedBan.








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