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Born out of a lack of information or clarity in the field of screen accessibility, signo was developed in a month.

signo encloses information which was gathered among many publications, such as W3C, WebAIM, Medium, Orange, Microsoft,, etc. This knowledge was rewritten in order to be easily understandable, and served in a way which aims to be widely spread.

Contribute to a more open world of inclusiveness

To get started, clone this repository and install all dependencies:

$ npm install

And well, that's it indeed. signo doesn't have any pull request or new issues templates. Just make sure you describe your contribution in your pull request and cite your sources.

Plain text contribution

If you prefer to contribute with plain text submissions, just file a new pull request along with an online access to your content: e.g. a gist, a Google Doc, an Office document, etc., whichever support suits you the best.

What's behind signo?

The signo initiative was brought to life by me, Mathieu Delvaux, a DWM student, as part of my final project.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer from Belgium and currently studying in my final year at Albert Jacquard College. I'm also the Co-Founder & Creative UX Manager of nextmoov, the Co-Founder & Product Design Manager of NextRide and a former design intern at EPIC Agency.

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