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Medium to own blog

Switch from Medium to your own blog in a few minutes.


🚀 QuickStart

Requires Node.js

npx medium-to-own-blog

🔗 Live Demo

Here's a live demo.

💪 Motivation

There is no shortage of explanations behind exiting Medium. Here is a few selection of articles:

🔥 Features

  • Own your content
  • Write using Markdown / MDX
  • Syntax Highlighting using Prism
  • Edit on Github
  • Fully customizable
  • Rich embeds using MDX
  • Easy deployment: Deploy on Netlify / / Docker
  • SEO friendly
  • 💯 on the Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO's LightHouse tests

📖 Documentation

Head over here to find a few guides to help you editing the content of your newly created blog.

✏️ Contributing

Any idea on how to make the process easier or how to improve the generated blog? Open a new issue! We need all the help we can get to make this project awesome!

🐚 Technical stack

This project is only possible thanks to the awesomeness of the following projects:

™️ License


Migration Troubleshooting

Since everyone has different content in their Medium blogs, you might encounter some issues that can't be fixed in a standardized way or aren't worth trying. These issues and potential workarounds will be posted below:

  • JSX closing tag parsing error - Issue #56. You may have some self-closing, void tags in your blog posts. JSX requires all tags to be self-closed so even though the HTML break tag can be written as <br>, you will need to change the syntax to read <br/> or go back later after running the migration and place the tags in a code block.
  • GitHub authentication errors - Issue #54. GitHub allows users to set up authentication several different ways. For instance, if you have two-factor authentication enabled, you have to provide a token in certain cases when cloning down repositories. Please check your authentication settings if you experience any issues related to authentication failures.


Switch from Medium to your own blog in a few minutes





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