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A diverse selection of MathWorks Open Source projects and resources.


  1. An awesome list of helpful resources for students learning MATLAB & Simulink. List includes tips & tricks, tutorials, videos, cheat sheets, and opportunities to learn MATLAB & Simulink .

    77 6

  2. This plugin enables you to run MATLAB® and Simulink® as part of your Jenkins™ build.

    Java 42 48

  3. This MATLAB and Simulink Challenge Project Hub contains a list of research and design project ideas. These projects will help you gain practical experience and insight into technology trends and in…

    MATLAB 822 206

  4. Climate Data Store Toolbox for MATLAB

    MATLAB 27 8

  5. This repository is a resource center for hackathon participants! Check out the readme file to find getting started resources and inspiration for your next hack!

    78 11

  6. MATLAB Integration for Jupyter enables you to run MATLAB code in Jupyter Notebooks and other Jupyter environments. You can also open MATLAB in a browser directly from your Jupyter environment to us…

    Python 177 23


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