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The GIMX software.
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GIMX stands for Game Input MultipleXer or Game Input MatriX.
The purpose of this software is to control a video game console with a computer (e.g. a PC or a Raspberry Pi).
It works with the PS3, the Xbox 360, the PS4 and the Xbox One.
It operates:
¤ over bluetooth: works with Linux (PS3, PS4) only. A compatible bluetooth dongle is required.
¤ over usb: works with Linux and Windows (PS3, PS4, 360, XOne). A USB adapter is required.
The application gets data from the peripherals (mice, keyboards and joysticks) and sends controls to the console over bluetooth or usb.
Other controls such as gesture or voice are possible through the use of external software that emulate peripherals.

Documentation is at

Source code:

Issue tracker:

Licence: GPLv3

Donation link:

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