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Matomo Tracker NPM version Build Status

A wrapper for the Matomo Tracking HTTP API


First, install matomo-tracker as a dependency:

npm install --save matomo-tracker

Then, use it in your project:

var MatomoTracker = require('matomo-tracker');

// Initialize with your site ID and Matomo URL
var matomo = new MatomoTracker(1, '');

// Optional: Respond to tracking errors
matomo.on('error', function(err) {
  console.log('error tracking request: ', err);

// Track a request URL:
// Either as a simple string …

// … or provide further options:
  url: '',
  action_name: 'This will be shown in your dashboard',
  ua: 'Node.js v0.10.24',
  cvar: JSON.stringify({
    '1': ['custom variable name', 'custom variable value']

// … or trackBulk:
var events = [{
  '_id': 'AA814767-7B1F-5C81-8F1D-8E47AD7D2982',
  'cdt': '2018-03-22T02:32:22.867Z',
  'e_c': 'Buy',
  'e_a': 'rightButton',
  'e_v': '2'
  '_id': 'AA814767-7B1F-5C81-8F1D-8E47AD7D2982',
  'cdt': '2018-03-22T02:33:52.962Z',
  'e_c': 'Buy',
  'e_a': 'leftButton',
  'e_v': '4'
matomo.trackBulk(events, (resData) => {
  // done.

That's it. For a complete list of options, see Matomo's Tracking HTTP API Reference.

Advanced usage

If you renamed the tracking file piwik.php or matomo.php of your matomo instance, the following error will be thrown:

new MatomoTracker(1, ''))
// ERROR: A tracker URL must end with "matomo.php" or "piwik.php"

To skip this check, simply pass true as third argument to the constructor:

new MatomoTracker(1, '', true))
// OK


MIT License