Matomo release script (official package), and debian/ubuntu package (allows sysadmins to deploy Matomo within seconds using "apt-get install piwik -V")
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Matomo Package

This repository contains:

  • Matomo release script (official package),
  • and Debian/Ubuntu package (allows sysadmins to deploy Matomo within seconds using apt-get install matomo -V)

Debian Package

  • debian/Readme.debian - How to use the Debian package and setup Matomo on your Debian server.
  • debian/ - Guide for Matomo staff in charge of generating the Debian package. System administrators may also be interested in this documentation.

Core Matomo Package

To generate a new Matomo release for example 3.0.0-b1, follow these steps:

  • Edit core/Version.php and set the correct version number
  • Check that the CI builds is green
  • Create a release on Github which will automatically create a git tag.
  • Then package the release. Run: ./scripts/ 3.0.0-b1. This script will:
    • the first time it runs it clones the Matomo git repository.
    • then it builds the package, removing any un-necessary files,
    • then it uploads the .zip and .tar.gz packages to
  • The new Matomo version is now shipped to users worldwide,
  • Users will now notified in their Administration area, and some users will receive email alerts about the new version.