Adds a handful of commands to chef's knife tool that aim to make working with chef-solo as powerful as chef-server.
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knife-solo adds a handful of Knife commands that aim to make working with chef-solo as powerful as chef-server.


Simply ensure the gem is installed using:

gem install knife-solo

# or if using ChefDK
chef gem install knife-solo

Or add this to your Gemfile if you use bundler:

gem 'knife-solo'

Having the gem installed will add Knife subcommands. Run knife solo with no arguments to see a list of available commands.


More complete usage documentation for the current release is available at

Cutting Edge

To use the version from the git repository add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'knife-solo',
  :github => 'matschaffer/knife-solo',
  :branch => 'master',
  :submodules => true

Note: For Knife to find solo subcommands, you need to put bundle exec in front of all knife solo calls. Other options is to use the knife executable installed by bundle install --binstubs.

To install knife-solo from source run:

git submodule update --init
bundle && bundle exec rake install

Documentation for the latest master version of knife-solo is available in README.rdoc.


Traffic on this project is still fairly low, so a mailing list seems like "too much". Since we don't have one feel free to file an issue for any problems or questions you have while using knife-solo.

If you'd like to help work on issues, I recommend using to keep track of work in progress. The gray issue labels on this project are for use with the board.