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iOS app

  • Use CocoaPods for the dependencies.
  • Possibly switch to AFNetworking to replace the http request and json/image code.
  • Handle connection errors in some way which is needed to provide a good UX. I.e. should we retry, take a failure block, etc.
  • Echofon style network failure notification
  • Make HTTPDownload post start/stop notifications so that the refresh/stop buttons in the top-level controllers can show them accurately.
  • Library tab when not signed in should give a description of what one could do there when one has a Trakt account. (show one of these handrwitten text with arrow to the sign in button)
  • Finally fix the incorrect highlighting of rows in calendar and recommended lists

  • Unify the feedSelector and cachedFeedProperty methods used in the root controllers

  • Rename 'thumb' to 'banner' in Show and Episode.
  • When an episode title is TBD, disable the checkbox or remove it.
  • Use # for numeric values in the index in library
  • First launch: load calendar, then visible row images + library & recommendations feeds
  • Not first launch, i.e. the app was inactive, or the user hits the ‘reload’ button: reload all feeds, but load the current visible one first.
  • Cache show posters and thumbs indefinitely.

  • Only show an index in library when over 50 shows. However, the iPod app does show the index, even with 22 albums.

  • The download code that is already tested elsewhere, eg ensureThumbIsLoaded, don’t need to be tested in the Trakt specs.
  • Rename -[Episode initWithDictionary:] to initWithEpisodeInfo and same for -[Show initWithDictionary:].
  • Check which font style we should use and possibly unify that into a UILabel subclass.
  • Add Calendar class which returns episodes grouped by broadcast date.
  • The Calendar class should take a show title filter string which makes the Calendar return only those dates and episodes that match.
  • Set the preferred show poster thumb size from the calendar controller.


  • is quite slow with returning the updated ‘seen’ value for an episode in the calendar feed. Or is that the proxy?

    • Bug in Trakt api, created ticket
  • Do the digits really have to be at the end of the index in the library view? The data already comes sorted, but has the digits first...


  • Way to check if username exists (API)
  • Show modal auth view when trying to sign in with stored credentials but it fails.
  • Auth button when not signed in: ‘Sign in’
  • Auth button when signed in: ‘alloy’

Auth window when not signed in:

  • Text: Could not sign in (if failed)

    Forgot your password? (underlined!)

    Trakt is a website... etc Don’t have an account yet? (underlined!)

Auth window when signed in:

  • Done button: none
  • Text: You are signed in as alloy.



  • Search through all shows


  • See if we can receive the json in chunks, enrich them and immediately send them out again
  • Write specs!