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I published new BOINC client This version have fixed signal handling. New NativeBOINC delivers new feature: 'Do network communication' button on the tablet widget (Large widget), which can be used to sending the finished tasks.


BOINC core client (binary version 0.5.9) has been updated to version 7.0.36. I added new option: Transfer only when WiFi enabled on the Local preferences (it is working only with new BOINC client 0.5.9). New NativeBOINC 0.4.1 have the proxy settings option (on the Manage client screen) and fixes the canceling for the project installation. NOTICE: reverting from BOINC 7.0.36 to 6.12.36 or older is impossible (reinstallation is needed).


This version introduces one of the anticipated feature: installation on the SDCard. Now is possible to install BOINC on the SDCard memory without any problems. Main program still is in internal memory, but directory with huge files can be placed on a SDCard. Other features: easier installation for projects with hosted applications (such as OProject@Home).


New BOINC client has been released. I added support non standard battery configuration for KM-E100. NativeBOINC have fixed Local Preferences and one NPE.


My friend from BOINC@Poland succesfully fixed problems with Android applications for his project: OProject@Home. You can download application by standard BOINC mechanism: by adding project (application available in the project server). Nice computing!


New website available! It is available here. I created website about NativebOINC. It have statistics and few informations (unfortunatelly). But I will be developing this site in near future.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: SubsetSum 0.1.1 has been fixed!. Unfortunatelly I found stupid bug in this application. Sorry for inconvenience. Please update to latest version.


Now NativeBOINC have new HOME: Also, new versions of NativeBOINC will be communicating with domain. Also I have new email: New website coming soon....


New application for SubsetSum@Home project available. I added to repository new application for Subset@Home project. Workunits from these project are short and can be computed on really slow devices. Application was optimized for ARM processors in assembly. Perfomance on the modern ARM devices are comparable to average old desktop computer.


New NativeBOINC 0.4beta available. I added two new features:

  • News notifications - now, NativeBOINC can notify you about News from my site. You can display latest news by using 'NativeClient->Latest news' option.
  • New binaries checks out - NativeBOINC can automatically checks out whether new binaries available for attached projects. These features can be disabled by turning off 'NativeClient->Notify about news and new binaries' option. Currently NativeBOINC checks out News and binaries for every 6 hours.


Fortunatelly, Enigma@Home has been resumed! Now, testing of the my port became possible. Nice crunching!


I found dangerous bug in the sr2sieve-wrapper (can improperly handle unexpected app exits). In Primegrid 0.5.1 I fixed these crappy bug. I really recommended to update Primegrid apps.


New NativeBOINC has been released! I fixed problems with parsing replies from BOINC client.

New Primegrid 0.5 has been released! I added new application: The Riesel Problem (Sieve). This version also supports CPU's with NEON extensions (NEON optimizations added).


New NativeBOINC has been released! Fixed wakelocking in the main screen (removed dangerous wakelock holding when user escapes by pressing HOME key).


BOINC client has been released. I fixed behaviour when battery was not detected (enabled computing on batteries).


New NativeBOINC and BOINC client has been released! I added option 'run always when plugged' in local prefs (usuable when you have problems with battery level measurement when your device is plugged).


New NativeBOINC was released! I fixed lot of bugs and improve functionality and behaviour. I also added new option Autostart (now boinc client can be autostarted at Android booting or application startup).

BOINC client released. I fixed suspending when boinc client cant detect battery type.


New NativeBOINC was released. I improved tab view, fixed NPEs and other stupid bugs. I also fixed notification actions when you click on it.


New NativeBOINC and BOINC client has been released! I finally fixed 'Text file busy' syndrome (this error occured when BOINC tried to first run project app after update/install it) and also fixed tasks suspending when device is plugged.


New NativeBOINC has been released! I made deeper changes on the service operations handling (mainly output/error and polling ops handling). Some known bugs also has been fixed (lock screen option).


New NativeBOINC released! Fixed error handling (introduced better error handling during install operations) and BAM syncing. Minor changes. fixed ManageClientActivity (connect option) activity.


New NativeBOINC released! Fixed error handling and updated german translations.


New NativeBOINC released! I am still fixing NativeBOINC. I recommend to update to this version, because I removed bug from previous versions and I fixed compatibility with older Androids.


New NativeBOINC released! I fixed lot of bugs (sometime critical) and improved UI's parts.

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