A Sketch Plugin that creates a local web server for your Sketch Documents.
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Sketch Server 1.6.3

Sketch Server is plugin for Sketch that creates a local web server for your Sketch Documents.


How to use it

Sketch Server adds two items to the Plugins Menu:

  • Start Server

    Starts a local server for the open document on a random available port.

  • Start Server on Port...

    Starts a local server on a port specified by you.

Each document can have its own port, so you will need to start a server for individual documents. After you've created a server instance for a given document, you can visit it using the URL Sketch Server gives you.


By default, Sketch Server returns an HTML page containing your image, centered (when smaller than viewport). You can specify both page, artboard, scale, and what kind of content the server returns to you. For example:

Artboard and Page numbers are zero-based, so that will give you the 3rd artboard on page 5 of your document, scaled 2x. Omitting the page parameter will default to the current page open in that document.

If you'd like just the image (png), you can get it using the /image path:

There's also a retina boolean parameter, which only applies to HTML output. It will downsize your image to the size of the artboard. Useful for previewing on retina devices.