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Auxiliary pseudo-marginal MCMC python implementations

Python implementations of MCMC samplers in the auxiliary pseudo-marginal MCMC framework as described in the paper Pseudo-Marginal Slice Sampling and associated code for running Gaussian process classification model parameter inference experiments.

A simpler single module Python implementation written by Iain Murray is also available here - this is probably the simplest option for applying the method to your own problem.


The code has only been tested in Python 2.7 and there are no guarantees it will work at all in other Python versions.

Minimal requirements for using the provided package are:

  • numpy (1.9.2)
  • scipy (0.16.0) (only required for gpdemo package)
  • matplotlib (1.4.3) (only required for gpdemo package)

The versions specified are those the code was developed and tested on - different versions may work as well.

To build the Cython modules yourself rather than using the pre-built C-code you will also need Cython (0.22).

For viewing the IPython notebooks for running the experiments and analysing the results you will also need to have a working IPython (3.1.0) install and all the dependencies for the IPython notebook server. For example run

pip install ipython[notebook]

For the results analysis you will need to have a system R installation and also have rpy2 (2.7.0) a python -- R interface installed.


Run python install from main package directory to install the package into the currently active python environment. This will also build the Cython modules in the package from the provided C-source.

If you have Cython installed you can also specify for the Cython code to be built directly from the Cython source by instead running

python install -use-cython

For other install options refer run python --help


The code is organised in to three main sub-directories:

  • auxpm

    The Python package containing the modules implementing the different auxiliary pseudo-marginal samplers variants (auxpm.samplers) and MCMC update steps (auxpm.mcmc_updates).

  • gpdemo

    The Python package containing the modules implementing the functions specific to the Gaussian process classification parameter inference experiements.

  • experiment_notebooks

    A series of IPython notebooks using the above two packages to run Gaussian process classification parameter inference experiments for different sampling methods and analyse results.

Running experiment notebooks

To run the experiment notebooks a local copy of any or all of the UCI classification datasets used in the experiments in the paper

Filippone, Maurizio, and Mark Girolami. 'Pseudo-marginal Bayesian inference for Gaussian processes.' Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on 36.11 (2014): 2214-2226.

will be required. These can be downloaded in the requisite space-delimited text file format as part of the code associated with that paper at

The data files are in the section4.4/DATA/clean sub-directory of the archive. Each dataset has a text file with suffix _X.txt containing the input features and _y.txt suffice containing the targets.

These datasets were originally taken from the UCI Machine Learning Repository

Lichman, M. (2013). UCI Machine Learning Repository Irvine, CA: University of California, School of Information and Computer Science.

The relevant text data files should be placed under a uci sub-directory which itself is placed in a directory readable by the current user and the path to which is specified in a environment variable DATA_DIR defined for the current user. So for example if the Pima Indians dataset files are taken from the archive linked to above, the inputs pima_X.txt and outputs pima_y.txt files should exist respectively at


assuming Unix type directory separators and environment variable syntax.

When running the experiment notebooks it is expected that a further EXP_DIR environment variable will be defined for the current user which specifies a path writeable by the current user to output experiment results to, with results being placed under a sub-directory apm_mcmc which should be created before running any of the notebooks.


Auxiliary pseudo-marginal MCMC python implementations








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