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A MIPS decompiler.
Python Assembly C
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Given some MIPS assembly, this program will attempt to convert it to C. The goal is that eventually the output will be well-formed C, and eventually after that, byte-equivalent C.

Right now the decompiler is fairly functional, though it sometimes generates suboptimal code (especially for loops), and sometimes crashes. See the tests/ directory for some example output.


Make sure you have Python 3.6 or later installed, then do python3 -m pip install --upgrade attrs.

You might need to install pip first; on Ubuntu this can be done with:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pip


python3 [options] <asmfile> <functionname | index | all>

Run with --help to see which options are available.


There is much low-hanging fruit still. Take a look at the issues if you want to help out.

We use black to auto-format our code. We recommend using pre-commit to ensure only auto-formatted code is committed. To set these up, run:

pip install pre-commit black
pre-commit install

Your commits will then be automatically formatted per commit. You can also manually run black on the command-line.

There is a small test suite, which works as follows:

  • As you develop your commit, occasionally run ./ to see if any tests have changed output. These tests run the decompiler on a small corpus of IRIX 5.3-compiled MIPS assembly.
  • Before pushing your commit, run ./ --overwrite to write changed tests to disk, and commit resultant changes.

You are encouraged to add new tests using the ./tests/ script. Make sure to ./ after adding new tests.

Type annotations are used for all Python code. mypy should pass without any errors.

To get pretty graph visualizations, install graphviz using pip and globally on your system (e.g. sudo apt install graphviz), and pass the --visualize flag.

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