Emacs major mode for interacting with JIRA's REST API.
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An Emacs major mode for interfacing with JIRA's REST API

Update: I no longer use Jira (and haven't for about a year now) so this project should be considered unmaintained.

This project is the result of seeing the state of the original jira.el. Atlassian's JIRA API docs state quite clearly that the REST API unveiled for JIRA 5.0 is the only version that will be receiving development efforts going forward. Unfortunately, jira.el uses the XML RPC. So in the interest of scratching my own itch I started work on this.

Requires JIRA 5.0+ & json.el.

There seem to be several versions of JIRA's API docs floating around, but in my opinion these are the best.

To Install & Run

  1. Place jira-rest.el somewhere on your load-path
  2. Add (require 'jira-rest) to your .emacs/init.el file.
  3. Put .jira-auth-info.el in your home directory, and set the variables for your authentication information & API endpoint URL.
  4. M-x jira-rest-mode

To Do's

High-priority tasks:

  • Add automated tests with ERT
  • Implement issue search
  • Adding/removing/editing comments
  • Modifying issues (as supported by the API)

Obviously implementing functions to consume every possible API endpoint is a to-do, but priority will likely go to those that get the most use.


The capabilities of this mode are limited by what is exposed by JIRA's API. Some notable deficiencies include changing issue status and resolving/closing issues. These deficiencies overlap with the XML RPC API, unfortunately. The hope is, however, that these holes will be plugged since this API will be getting future development.


If you would like to contribute, please submit pull requests with your changes/additions. As APIs are prone to undocumented changes and breakage, any new code will require test coverage. (This includes myself. I'll be retrofitting the original code soon.)