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Missed a couple spaces in my call() routines, broke my script.

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1 parent 400880e commit 0810b8890958cfec3cd5a276c394955aa8cb29b1 @mattdeboard committed May 8, 2011
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@@ -14,17 +14,18 @@ def update():
datefmt='%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S')'Starting index update.')
- mattwhoosh =['sudo', 'chown', 'matt:matt '+whoosh_dir])
- mattwhooshfiles =['sudo', 'chown',
+ mattwhoosh =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
+ 'matt:matt '+whoosh_dir])
+ mattwhooshfiles =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
'matt:matt '+whoosh_dir+'*'])
update_index =[domain_dir+'bin/python',
appdir+' update_index'])
- apachewhsh =['sudo', 'chown',
+ apachewhsh =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
'www-data:www-data '+whoosh_dir])
- apachewhsh2 =['sudo', 'chown',
+ apachewhsh2 =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
'www-data:www-data '+whoosh_dir+'*'])
apachereload =['sudo',
- '/etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload'])
+ '/etc/init.d/apache2', 'force-reload'])
if sum(mattwhoosh, mattwhooshfiles, update_index, apachewhsh,
apachewhsh2, apachereload) == 0:'Index successfully updated.')

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