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A mildly opinionated Eleventy starter project.

Deploy to Netlify


  • HTML Minification
  • CSS Pipline (SCSS > CleanCSS > Inline)
  • Eleventy Dev Server
  • Eleventy SVG Icon Sprites
  • Eleventy RSS
  • Date Formatting Filter
  • Post Excerpts

Getting Started

Navigate to the root folder of the site and run:

npm install

To run the development environment:

npm run dev

To build for production:

npm run build

For additional eleventy commands, visit the Eleventy command line usage page.

Editing Styles

Edit and amend as needed. The main Sass files are under the /assets folder.

Sass Folder Structure


The development environment watches for changes to the Sass files and pushes changes to main.css in the /includes folder. Eleventy then pushes the styles inline in the <head> of the base page template.

Prodution Build

At build time, all the html files are minified.

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